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From snakeskin-inspired stunners to art deco–style wall sconces, these pieces will bring a hint of glitz to any room they grace.
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These of-the-moment finds will usher some sunny, feel-good vibes into your next project.
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From brass wallcoverings to fringed duvet covers, these boldly banded designs will instantly invigorate an understated interior.
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From spalted primavera wood stunners to solid birch beauties, these stylish designs strike the balance between form and function.
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From executive-size pieces fit for storage to rattan desks that will help you channel the Zen of a beach, BOH presents six beautiful designs that will spark productivity and creativity.
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From clover-shaped stools to elephant-covered wallpapers, Business of Home presents nine designs to help you nurture the colors of nature in your next client’s decorscape.
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From laminated teak-root beauties to fluted stunners, Business of Home presents seven side tables that will ground spaces like the living room and the pool deck.
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Business of Home presents seven blossoming designs to drum up some biophilic drama.
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From ocean-wave-inspired stunners to waterfall-style beauties, your clients will long to perch on one of these sophisticated designs.
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From oversize rattan pendants to petal-shaped sconces, these of-the-moment finds make a statement in any style of interior.