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Fall 2021 | Issue 21

The wallpaper is up, the chandeliers are sparkling, and the bookshelves are styled just so in your best project ever. Time to relax, right? Not so fast. Instead, it’s time to make sure you’re poised to land the next great job. In this final chapter of BOH’s Business Accelerator series, we close the loop with a focus on bottling up all the magic you’ve created and sharing it with the world to amplify your talent and bring in new business.

The pandemic-induced spotlight on the home has given the entire design community a chance to shine, and many designers are getting to the end of some of the best work they have ever done. In the fourth and final installment of our Business Accelerator series, we’re taking a closer look at how to amplify those projects in ways that will move the needle for your business.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
What does it take to drag a project across the finish line? We asked six designers who they bring with them on the big day, how they kick out their clients, and how they set themselves up to solve the problems that inevitably arise.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
After months (or years) of hard work, it’s finally the moment you and your clients have been waiting for: They get to see their new home. The design process inevitably has ups and downs, but a moving reveal can be the memory that sticks.
BY Caroline Bourque
Hiring a professional photographer may seem like a luxury, but finding the right one can mark a turning point for your career.
BY Caroline Bourque
Getting a great shot is one thing. Knowing what to shoot—and understanding your rights to the ensuing photography—can be a little trickier.
BY Haley Chouinard
Not sure if you should hire a stylist for your next shoot? Here are five reasons to find the budget and take the plunge.
BY Kaitlin Menza
The most sought-after interior stylists pull back the meticulously steamed curtain to share how they work—and which fruits they’re tired of placing in bowls.
BY Kaitlin Menza
We went straight to the source, talking to editors at both print and digital publications to learn how they work. If you just finished an amazing project the world needs to see, here’s your guide to getting it out there. 
BY Kaitlin Menza
Repeat business and referrals from happy clients are the lifeblood of a design firm. Here’s how to maintain those relationships long after the final bill is sent.
BY Haley Chouinard
One surefire way to earn your client's eternal affection? Deliver the house of their dreams—and a big check, too. Designer Juliana Oliveira tells us how.
BY Kaitlin Petersen
Design Dispatch
Stephanie Summerson Hall’s refined handblown glassware brings a rainbow of colors to the table.
50 states project
Nine stars of BOH’s 50 States Project weigh in on how often they reassess their design fees.
Who says newer is better? Three designers share their tried-and-true favorite products.
A fascination with organic forms, fungus-based materials and sustainable production techniques has inspired a whole new world of design. From biomorphic lounge chairs to sconces made from mushrooms, it’s time to get inspired by nature in all its splendor.
book review
When designer Emily Finch made the decision to start her own firm, she found herself struggling to find a foothold. Luckily, her big break coincided with the publication of a book that would come to define her early career: Kim Kuhteubl’s Branding + Interior Design.
designers debate
Do you love rooms dressed head to toe in slabs, or are you hoping “marble everywhere” is a passing phase? Two designers face off on whether this look has staying power.
The Handbook
If you’re feeling the pull to see your name on the shelves of your local bookstore, you’re not alone. Designers who have done it (and the teams that made it happen) talk about what it takes to push a monograph into the world.

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