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Fall 2016 | Issue 1

Thanks to the indulgent magic of Amazon Prime, a wait longer than five days feels like an eternity. Even the high-end realm of residential interior design is starting to feel the pressures to work faster. In this issue, we uncover how the challenges of that need for speed have manifested in design workrooms, where their essence—the slow hand of craftsmanship and bespoke artistry—is what makes them both vital and vulnerable.

A view inside the made-to-measure world. Exterior of Miles & May This is not our most patient hour. Technology has coddled us. Wit...
BY Arianne Nardo
The incubators of emerging talent share how the interior design curriculum has changed. What’s been added and what’s been tossed? RISD Spatial Dynamics S...
BY Arianne Nardo
Feeling overwhelmed? Try Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience: “It helps me keep calm and carry on,” said Jamie Drake of Drake/Anderson. Om.....
Design Dispatch
❶ Entrepreneuring Since she is a founder at heart, it’s no surprise that Christiane Lemieux is knee-deep in two new start-up ventures. With a successful exi...
An assortment of treasures, hailing from functional modernism to midcentury Italian, will be going to the highest bidders at Wright, Sotheby’s, Christie’s a...
Thomas A. Kilgerman Taxi Share “I got into a taxicab to go to the airport and the driver told me that we would have to stop to pick up another passe...
Maintaining design jobs in the pipeline is the bane of many designers’ existences. Let’s face it: Closing deals just isn’t what drew the visually gifted to ...
Upwards of 10,000 designers and manufacturers head to High Point each season, eager to talk design—and ink deals. This fall, a number of notable introductio...

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